♫ My Favorite Movie Melodies ♫

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♫ My Favorite Movie Melodies ♫

Twilight and Mist – James Horner

I’ll start with the fantastic composer James Horner, he who composed all the Titanc (1997) soundtrack album – which is the best-selling primarily orchestral soundtrack in history, I wasn’t surprised to know that he is the one behind the music of My heart will go on (Celien Dion), since he composed one of my favorite melodies: Twilight and Mist (or “The Ludlows”) and it has a lyrics written by Brock Walsh.
The first time I heard it, was in my all time favorite drama movie Legends of the fall (1994). The film is wonderful, amazing and emotional, I totally recommend you to watch it if you are a drama sucker (I am also planning to write a review about it).

This music makes me feel carried away, it moves me every time I listen to it, and it leaves me with a mixed emotions of happiness, sorrow, romance, jealousy and loyalty simultaneously.

As evening fell, a maiden stood
At the edge of a wood.
In her hands lay the reins
Of a stallion.
And ne’er I’d seen a girl as fair,
Heard a gentler voice anywhere.
Whispered, “Alas…”
She belonged, belonged to another–
Another forever.
Yes, she belonged to
the twilight and mist.

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